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  • Mood: Confused
I'm a little flattered that I managed to piss someone off enough that he responded to my journal, even more so that he included the accusation that I'm a "paid troll". Believe me, I wish I were paid to write angry rants, because I would write more of them.

Still, I'm not sure who that guy is, but he sounds American, or something. In any case, I really can't be bothered to reply to a stranger who takes umbrage at a completely unknown journal, so I'm marking it as either a troll or a lunatic. Seriously, calling Rational Wiki a conservative soapbox is... entertaining, I guess.

I'm actually slightly tempted to put more stuff on this journal, but I do have other things to do. I quite forgot about that original journal post, and I'll likely forget about it again. This is a watcher account, after all, and I don't even do much of that any more, since a lot of artists moved somewhere else. This place is growing weeds.


EDIT: Bleh, so much melodrama in the previous journals. I haven't felt that level of emotion in a long time - probably about the last time I got a decent night's sleep. I'd consider deleting them but, again, can't be bothered.
  • Mood: Outraged
I feel so strongly about this that even after I finished ranting on my Facebook account, I'm going to post copies here and on FA. And I haven't even touched this account for a long time, so congrats. You made me update my DA.


Pretty much lost my temper yesterday night after my friend kept suggesting that the 9/11 attacks were faked, that the US government was trying to hide the identity of the true perpetrators and that the towers were brought down by explosions in a controlled explosion somehow planted beforehand. Also kept trying to link me to a video/"documentary" as "proof". In return I kept trying to link her to several sites that debunked it, with proper physics to boot.………/pmwiki.p…

Anyway, I ended up calling her "dumb" in the heat of the moment and she didn't take it well. So we're both in a huff at the moment.

I don't understand how people seem to think that every major disaster has the grubby fingers of the government behind it. I've heard that 370 was secretly taken to a remote compound, that MH17 was piloted remotely and shot down by the US/Ukrainians - heck, that JFK was shot by the Illuminati, the Comedian, the Templars... They probably all fired at the same time and pulped the body but no one saw it because everyone was mind-controlled by the Ethereals and the Silence.

FUCK THEM. You don't just take a disaster and use it to fuel your own rampant speculations that the American government is evil and somehow willing to blow up planes full of people just to make a point. It's not like the government is made up of the Unabomber, the Manson family and Hannibal Lecter.

People died in those disasters. You don't get to use them as ammunition in your little pissing-war against the government.


No journal entries yet.


Drak'rrth Kyrre´an
Ah, I don't really have anything to say... I created this primarily for watching :) I'll be slowly going through all those deviants of whom I like their work, and watching them. Maybe I'll upload my own idle sketch some day.

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